The MD GOP — From the Inside and Outside

My column on the fading future of the Maryland Republican Party prompted a variety of Republican responses.

The Inside Perspective

Del. Tony O’Donnell, the former House minority leader from Calvert County Maryland, gave his upbeat assessment to Maryland Reporter, concluding, “I am pleased to say that the GOP is here to stay in Maryland, by no means ready  to kick.  The narrative of certain ‘media operatives’ who have made a  career out of periodically smacking the MDGOP around for their own designs is  bunk.”

Republican Del. Tony McConkey of Anne Arundel County sent in his positive slant, which you can read under “Recent Comments” at www.politicalmaryland.

David Furguson, who quit on very short notice as state party director, objected to the column, too. He denied reports in other publications that he was unhappy with the state party chair, Diana Waterman. “Please stick to factual reporting,” he wrote in an email. “I left to pursue other opportunities just like I said in my letter.

“The only person who is reporting on how I feel is me.

“The majority of your article was way off base and not just the part where I was mentioned.”

The Outside View

Also chiming in was a Prince George’s County voter, Diane C. Russell. She read O’Donnell’s positive outlook for the state GOP in Maryland Reporter and responded this way:

“You must be kidding!

“From my standpoint, there is no Maryland GOP.
“I have voted Republican for over 50 years, 48 of them in Maryland.  What has it gotten me?
“When I went to the polls in 2010, my ballot had:
  • No GOP candidate for Maryland senate.
  • No GOP candidates for three delegate positions.
  • No GOP candidate for county executive.
  • No GOP candidate for county council;
  • No GOP candidate for sheriff.
  • No GOP candidate for states attorney.
  • No GOP candidate for any other local office (except one GOP candidate for the orphan’s court). . . .

“We’re not near the end for the Maryland GOP, we passed it long ago.

“No amount of wishful thinking or self-delusion will change the fact that the Maryland GOP has ceased to be a viable political party and has, instead, turned into social club devoted to internal bickering, with no real effort to field, much less elect, a full slate of candidates.”

Obviously, the debate continues.